How to make huge savings on ink costs for Epson Printers

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background.

If you live in the UK and use an Epson printer with Epson ink, ink costs the following amounts at Premier Inks (other suppliers are available):

An R 2400 (A3) printer – each cartridge holds 13ml of ink and cost £11.99 ie 92.2p per ml.

An R 2880 (A3) printer – each cartridge holds 11.4ml of ink and cost £8.99 ie 78.8p per ml.

A 3800 / 3880 (A2) printer – each cartridge holds 80ml of ink and cost £39.99 ie 49.9p per ml.

Pigmented ink for the Fotospeed Tubeless Inkflow (refillable Cartridges) and Inkflow systems for the Epson R3000, P50, 1500W, R2880, R2000, 3800, 3880 printer cost £26.99 for 125ml ie 21.6p per ml. see

How much does waste ink cost you? This depends on the size of the ink cartridge and the how the printer is used.

I have just replaced the waste ink tank on my Epson 3800 A2 printer. I weighed the full? waste ink tank which weighed 200 grams heavier than the empty one I replaced it with. I guess the weight equates to around 150-175ml of waste ink.

Over the life of the printer my Epson 3800 printer has used 1870 ml of ink and this is the third new waste tank. Therefore as a minimum there has been around 2 x 150ml = 300ml of waste ink.

As a percentage the total waste ink is  300 / 1870ml = 16%.

The cost of waste ink based on 1870 ml of Epson ink

R 2400 (A3) printer 92.2p per ml x 300 ml = £276.60

R 2880 (A3) printer 78.8p per ml x 300 ml = £236.40

Fotospeed Inkflow / Tubeless Systems

3800 / 3880 (A2)printer 21.6p per ml x 300 ml = £64.80

Therefore it sensible to look at a Fotospeed conventional Inflow system or Tubeless Inkflow System. The benefits are the system does not affect the foot print of the printer and the printer does not need any modification. I have been using Inkflow and refillable cartridges for five years without problems.

In this picture above is called  “Exmouth football game”I went to Exmouth in Devon on Friday last to give a talk to the Exmouth Photo Group. I arrived arrived 4pm and took around 150 pictures over a period of 90 minutes as the soft light faded in to night. I have lots of pictures of Joggers, Cyclists and dog walkers. I took a potentially better picture of the father and son playing football illuminated by the street lights along the Esplanade. I took a frame with a jogger in the foreground nicely blurred but sods law the shutter fired at the exact moment when the jogger appears to have a lamppost growing out of her head.

I am going to Paignton on Monday for the same reason to give a talk. For my American readers Paignton is on the English Riviera – another seaside town in Devon. This time will be using multiple shots to fire off three or four frames at a time so I can avoid the lamppost scenario.

The exposure for the shot was 1/20 f1.8 800 ISO cropped to a 6×17 format and split-toned.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

6 responses to How to make huge savings on ink costs for Epson Printers

  1. Lesley says:

    That’s scary the amount of wasted ink! I presume the ink flow systems inc Forospeed all use compatible inks?


  2. Cracking image. The composition, crop & toning works really well. The two lamps are perfectly positioned wrt to sky content and position of figures.
    Useful info on ink waste. Thanks Peter


  3. Mike Martin says:

    Andy, scary numbers – guess Epson would prefer us not to know. As for the photo I agree with Peter, everything has come together brilliantly (and even I could score in that goal). Must remember to put the camera on continuous – I too have fell foul of the lamp post timing issue you described!


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Mike I would not have guessed ink wastage is potentially that high as a %. May be we forget the motor drive option because we never use it and we started photography in the days of film and even though I could I didn’t just rattle off film. Thanks for the comments. Andy


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