Post Grey Backgrounds for Pictures

For those of you who are using Internet Explorer 8 as your web browser you may be confused about the instruction I give at the top of every post telling you to look at the picture full size against a grey background. The reason for this is that a grey background reduces the glare off of the normal screen white background allowing you to see the shadow detail in the picture.

If you don’t get a grey background and want to – here is how. This how to was sent to me by my friend Mike Martin who was also confused for a while until he worked it out.

I use a Firefox browser so that is why I couldn’t work what he meant when he asked me how to get a grey background, I replied it just happens when I open the picture in a window on its own.

I know this works because I have checked it in IE8.

So here goes.

Open IE8

At the top right there is a series of Icons or go to the Tools tab on the Menu Bar.

 Select the one that looks like a cog (right) then select Internet Options


In the Internet Options Dialogue Box, look on the “General” tab, towards the bottom and select “Colors”


Clicking “Colors” opens the following

On the Colors dialogue box, select “Background” – this opens a colour picker tab.

Select “Define Custom Colors >>” – this expands the “Colors” tab


Enter the RGB values as 219 – above – this corresponds to 18% grey.Click “Add to Custom Colors” then select OK.

This returns you to the “Colors” tab above, but the sample colour shown against “Background” should now be grey.

Click OK and repeat until all the dialogue boxes have closed.

Back in your Browser, when you double-click and image on the blog, this will now open a new tab / window (depending upon your set up) with the image top left against a grey background.  If anyone knows how to centre it – let me know.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012


3 responses to Post Grey Backgrounds for Pictures

  1. LensScaper says:

    Hi Andy. I use Firefox and all your images when clicked upon are perfectly centred. But I’m not entirely sure whether you were saying this happened in Firefeox or IE8


  2. John Long says:

    Thanks Andy (and Mike!) I managed to follow your instructions and it worked!
    However, the image was positioned on the left hand side and I couldn’t centre it.


  3. Linda Harvey says:

    At last. Thanks Mike/Andy. I have been trying to figure out how to do a grey background, without much success. Yes, my image is on the left as well.


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