A fool and…

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I have been thinking about what we photographers spend our hard-earned money on photographically.

I was trying think through the most and least beneficial uses of money to progress our photographic journey.

Is it just me and my perception that the majority of photographers will spend huge amounts on hardware and software in the vain belief that newer more advanced technology will be the golden bullet to achieve their dreams?

I think most photographers look in the wrong direction when trying to assess the benefits of money spent on photography.

The next time you think about sending money on photography I suggest you ask yourself these questions, will the investment:

– be a better way to understand real seeing as opposed to just looking for pictures?

– nourish your vision, style and creativity?

– expand photo opportunities?

– provide answers to why and not how to?

To quote Michelangelo “The most common money related mistake artists (& photographers) make is a reluctance to invest in own careers”.

I see investing in the latest computer and camera technology as fools gold if what you have is adequate for your needs. (I know there is a catch 22 here). It’s easy to teach yourself how to push buttons on a keyboard to use software. Such activity is just a sideshow to the main event.

Your real needs are to learn and understand how to:

– communicate to others at an emotional level what you find significant

– to see photographically (as a camera sees)

– put your personality into a picture frame.

If we photographers chased after these aspirations our photography and bank balances would be in better balance.

The picture above was taken on a Freeman Patterson Workshop in NB Canada in 2009. As part of the workshop the students are set a project – mine was “Heavy Metal”. So this Peavey electric guitar was borrowed for the pictures. I have played guitar for over 40 years, no amount of money spent on a super expensive guitar will give me a talent and natural ability if I do not already posses it. (Substitute camera for guitar).

Hopefully you get point I am making and to progress your photographic journey you need to look inside yourself more than to easy irrelevant bolt-ons with new technology.

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(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012


9 responses to A fool and…

  1. Lesley says:

    Agree, agree, agree. I always pull myself inside out before spending the next buck on gear, less is more usually ……….but I do not regret upgrading to my 5dii money well spent!


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Lesley thanks for commenting. From what I have read the 5D Mk 111 was over priced and under specified. Andy


  2. athyfoto says:

    Hi Andy, I get what you are saying here, very thought provoking, but personally I have no business or commercial reasons to justify the purchase of a piece of software or hardware that would significantly increase the speed of my workflow. I do however have a personal finance manager to get past (a.k.a. wife !!)

    But I spend money on what I do because I get a lot of enjoyment in post production work. It’s fun. I know it won’t help me improve my ‘eye’ but I don’t care. I find It far more satisfying to be able to process a bunch of images into a pano in a matter of a minute or so on my current computer set-up as opposed to who knows how long on my old set-up only to get the ‘not enough RAM to complete process’ warning after 10 minutes.

    Add to this that I have done academic studies into the history of computers, computing and the internet as well as more practical studies in order to gain a web developers certificate and you can begin to see that I am hooked!! HELP ME! 🙂

    I guess the only redeeming fact is that I am not being fooled into thinking that any gizmo, gadget or magic camera or computer function is a replacement for my own vision of what I am trying to achieve with my photography. I don’t think the moment I get stopped in my tracks when I ‘see’ a shot is in any way mechanical and nor can any plug-in (hard or soft) replace it.

    Sorry for rambling on a bit, I’m not too great at distilling my thoughts into a more succinct post.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Frank I don’t have an in house manager (Mrs Mills) like my friend David Mills, I just have an empty bank account.

      We all have different priorities for what we get pleasure from.

      I also ramble when I write then sort it out in to the right order afterwards.


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