Soft light means good digital negatives

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I quite often get ideas for pictures to put on my Blog from browsing other posts looking for excellent black and white photography to comment on.

The bike is a Suzuki Volusta for those who know about these mean machines.

The picture was taken in Canada in 2009 with “soft” light is a coincidence with my saying “soft light means good digital negatives”. Lighting needs to be appropriate for the subject.

As a clarification when I say “soft” lighting that could mean – rain, mist, fog, overcast, dull, cloudy or dusty.

At the beginning of the photographic journey it’s easy to think that strong frontal sunlight is what you need for effective pictures. As I matured photographically I found a little of the right quality and direction in lighting works best.

Just as a passing note – back and side lighting work very well with black and white photography. Front lighting destroys texture and contrast which are key elements of Monochrome.

It’s always easier to add contrast to the shadows that are there, than trying to darken very bright highlight (in clouds for example) in the post processing.

I know many very highly qualified photographers who love taking pictures in the rain. It’s not just me folks.

I have an opportunity for good pictures tomorrow as I am going to a disused Iron Works in stormy conditions. So lets hope it stops raining at 10.00 am!

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

5 responses to Soft light means good digital negatives

  1. Janice says:

    Love the image – just my sort of thing although I do not use black and white very much yet so it may have been in colour, it really suits the black and white treatment!
    The advice about soft light is good – I have been in Wales this weekend taking images of the dis-used slate quarries much of it in the rain!
    I was surprised how well it works after a wet week in Scotland last year, it really seems to bring out the colours so I hope the same for these images.


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