The Fallen

Please look at the picture full size against a grey background.

Here is a relatively rare example from me of digital pinhole photography. I say rare because I haven’t used a pinhole adaptor for a year or two.

As I have posted in past I use a f185 pinhole which obviously vastly reduces the amount of light getting to the sensor as the aperture of the hole is around 0.25mm in diameter.

You could think of this as a restriction because it means using a tripod. Or it could be a new avenue of exploration without a tripod. Every situation has opportunities.

So how did I use a f185 pinhole adaptor without a tripod and accurately compose the picture. Have you ever used the highest ISO your camera will do? The picture above “The Fallen” was taken at 25,600 ISO. Yes it was very noisy, but I partly covered the noise with film grain put in with Silver Efex Pro 2.

I have found a use for Live View on a Dslr, in good light I can use my pinhole adaptor and see the picture bright enough to compose the image, which I would not be able to do looking through the viewfinder.

So I would urge you to try the extremities of ISO, Shutter speeds and Apertures, who knows you might find a new avenue of exploration along your photographic journey.

“He who is outside his door already has the hardest part of his journey behind him.” — Dutch proverb

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog this week.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

3 responses to The Fallen

  1. Paula says:

    Picture ‘speaks’ to me, both for its content and the technical execution(sorry!) of the shot. I heartily agree with and like the Dutch proverb you found.


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