The Birds 2

Please look at the picture full size.

I am creating a set of ethereal and timeless pictures of Pigeons in flight.

How long this with take and when it will end I don’t know suffice to say that I see “The Birds” as a long-term project.

I have no terms of reference from other works on the subject in the style that I am creating. If you Google pigeons in flight all the examples are of descriptive reality – how they actually look with a fast shutter speed and clarity.

A top free tip – research picture ideas before you start, find out what has already been done and what is successful.

I want to explore and find out what happens when the shutter is open for increasing lengths of time as the camera is panned.

Also inherent in this little project on my little blog are the new horizons that the post processing of the pictures will bring in to view.

This shot is a completely differently technique used on “The Birds 1” which was Infrared capture against a dark blue sky giving a tremendous amount of contrast.

For “The Birds 2” (above) this is only the second time I have converted the file to a negative. The first time I used technique a few years ago partially on a colour file was a disaster. This was a process of taking Lightroom 4.1 to a lot scary places it would have rather not had to go. To make a negative file with any software that has the use of curves all you do is invert the curve. Once the Curve is inverted all the control sliders work in the opposite direction to normal.

The shutter speed for this shot was an 1/8th, 50 ISO, f.38 70-200mm lens. From the shots taken in IR I guess the shutter speeds I will be most interested in will be between 1/4 to 1 Sec.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

11 responses to The Birds 2

  1. gamaraca says:

    Love this negative image in Birds 2, it has flow and softness despite being a negative.


  2. Les Loosemore says:

    The square format works really well. I love the explosion of light emanating from the dark (almost central) cloud. The graceful fragility of the flight certainly has that ethereality feel. Pleasingly perplexing is trying to understand the direction of flight. That is the one thing that takes you back to viewing the image over and over. Brilliant.


  3. kjb404 says:

    Great photo! And thanks for the technical info you’ve been giving lately – it really helps. I also really like all the Iceland photos you’ve posted – very bleak looking, perfect for monochrome.


  4. Lesley says:

    The magical moment of energy bursting forth captured and wonderful tonal range to boot, fascinating image and very beautiful.


  5. Mike Martin says:

    Hi, not my favourite of your Bird pictures but it did insire me to search out a shot I took of some doves way back in 2005, which I had also inverted. I’ll send you a copy. Thanks for stiring the memory.


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