Rolling Hills – Harris

Please look at the picture full size, with the Grey background screen, you will be able to see past the white glare of the surrounding background.

A picture taken years ago that I always thought had some kind of benefit but was not quite sure what it was!

I just liked the diagonal composition of the windy road that links the houses and the car on the brow of the hill. Taken with a 400mm lens to pull the foreground and background together.

Does it bother you that I have purposely not included the whole car?

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog in the past week or so.

(C) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

9 responses to Rolling Hills – Harris

  1. Paula says:

    I like the car there but it still looks , to me , a bit too dominant. How about less than half so it is still clearly a car but less so.


  2. LensScaper says:

    A range of comments so far so here’s another idea. But first – as it is I like the balance that the car provides and it fits very well within your ‘style’. However there is another image in here I think: have you ever considered a crop from the Rt edge to produce a square image with the new Rt border falling just to the right of the diagonal foreground road marking? That provides an image with a series of white elements moving up and left through the road marking, the roof, the road and ultimately the distant white-walled house. To my mind it contains the same tension but in a different way that is a little less ‘in your face’ . What do you think?


  3. Janice says:

    At first viewing the car does not bother me, then when I looked again I wonder whether there would be merit in about cropping it further – to the other side of the number plate and thereby losing the radiator grill.
    A different crop altogether would be to lose a little at the top of image and then crop down almost through the middle to the right hand side of the lower cottage, almost to where that diagonal middle of the road marker is, so that you are led in on the bottom right and follow the road up to the higher cottage


  4. melanieylang says:

    The storytelling of this photo is really good – the very old house in the background, with a winding road leading past another house (which we can see only the roof of, and therefore deduct that it is nothing more than a landmark along the road) to a car. It’s as though telling of the journey of generations since the house was built. Recently I read something by photographer David Bailey that said, in essence, that a photographer must look for the story in a shot; otherwise it risks being just a “pretty” image.


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