Andy Beel FRPS at Cymru Monochrome

I will be giving a talk called “Marvellous Monochrome” at Cymru Monochrome in Port Talbot South Wales on Monday 21st May. See the link below.

The talk demonstrates the process of making an exhibition quality monochrome print from a colour file.

Note the word process, consistently good work is made easier by working to a system that does things in the right order. This is not a case of playing around with sliders hoping to find something that might look good.

Firstly – set the black and white points – the adjustment of the Global contrast.

Secondly – selective dodging and burning (lightening and darkening)

Thirdly – Selective local contrast control.

The logic behind this process is to deal with the biggest problems first and then move to minor issues.

If you are not using a system or process in the making of monochrome prints I would urge you follow the one set out above.

I’m not sure about this picture called “Lonely Cottage”. It’s probably one of my Marmite (Vegemite) Pictures – love or hate it.

For me it expresses the essential isolation of the farmer’s family who live in this cottage in the middle of Nowhereville in Iceland. The summer in Iceland is between May and August then it goes back to very inclement weather.

It was taken as a part of a series of shots from a moving vehicle, the dense fog had just cleared enough to see what lay 100m from the road.

Post production – removal of noise at 1600 ISO, adding 1600 ASA film grain, adding a cool tone and a crop on the LHS from 3×2 to 5×4 format. The use of the 5×4 format print has taken the cottage way from the centre of the picture.

In lightroom I have saved a series of Custom Crops ie 5×4 & 6×17 (Hassleblad Xpan format)

I think I have one or two followers in S Wales apart from Les And Gareth so why not come along. See

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012


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