Jokulsa 2

As promised I said I would post some of the earlier posted Iceland Pics. Not sure if this vertical shot has been posted before.

I very often work in panels or sets of three or five picture sets. I do this do because its possible to tell a fuller and different story than with a single picture.

So this is the middle picture of a panel used in the post called concentrate on shape – 2 posts back.

A big hello and welcome to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2012

9 responses to Jokulsa 2

  1. andy says:

    Some very interesting textures here, is the white stuff sand? The middle area looks maybe a touch too bright on my screen, but I like the interplay with the darker areas of the scene.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Andy thanks for the comment. I was wondering if your monitor is calibrated? All the highlight in the foreground are reflections off of water. The bottom of the picture has been darkened to increase the sense of depth. Andy


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Andy thanks for the comment. I’m sure that old dogs know this old tricks to increase the illusion of depth – a wide angle lens (28mm in this case), vertical format, tilt the lens downwards. At the printing stage darken the foreground and lighten the background to move the eye from dark to light. Andy


  2. Loved the texture of water on the bottom part of the screen. And the structure of the sky too. The middle area looks a tad bright on my screen.


      • I thought that the middle part was also burnt out but then realised that most likely, all the detail was lost or minimised when the image was reduced in size…. and yes, my monitor is calibrated 🙂


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