Monoists Exhibition Opening

Attendance on the first three days of the Monoists Exhibition has been very good with around 300 people in to the Centrespace Gallery in Leonard Lane so far which is excellent news. Much to my shame I thought sales would be slow but I have sold a few, so that’s great.

Here I am talk to Phil and his partner of Photographique who organised the Bristol Festival of Photography.

The word from the visitors who have seen other exhibitions in the Bristol Festival of Photography is that the Monoists exhibition is definitely one of the better ones and really worth seeing.

The exhibition is open until 5pm Wednesday the 9th so please come along if you can.

My thanks to David Bathard FRPS for the picture.

My blog went past 10,000 views from mid July 2011 last week, which is a bit of a milestone.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

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