And as for you

“And as for you” appears to be the comment being made by the man in the picture to the man walking by!

I have a friend Peter Brisley ARPS a member of the The Mono-its, who has done loads of pictures with Snapseed and other Apps whatever they are! I am just mastering the gas mantle. He told me that Snapseed is available for PC through Nik Software. So I downloaded it a few weeks ago and had a little play.

The similar picture I posted a few days ago at this London Gallery had 35 likes the highest for me so far. So I thought I would post a more graphic picture in design but with less blurry movement and see what the reaction is. I like the directness of this picture it appears that the we are looking at a private conversation where the associated bit-part players are alluded to in the out of focus portraits. Perhaps the subject of the conversation is a menage a trois?

A big hello and welcome to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

11 responses to And as for you

    • andybeel says:

      Hi Lesley the Monoists are a small group of 5 photographers that I set up a few years ago to get feed back from a trusted and respected source. We all live within 25 miles of Bristol. Andy


  1. Paula says:

    Hmmm..snapseed.., bought an iphone, sold it quickly again and now hanker after the bakelite variety.

    The picture, to me, is deliciously saucy..the mind boggles..


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Paula thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. If you come to the Monoists exhibition at the Bristol Festival of Photography in May you will see a series of six of these pictures. I was gonna use three but was persauaded that all 6 I printed would be a good panel. Andy


  2. doephotog says:

    Really like how he blends in with the shadow. The people in the photo almost seem to be looking at the shadow and interacting with it.


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