In to the fourth dimension

Hopefully here you see that I am working in what I call the fourth dimension – time. A picture is a two-dimensional object. For me pictures can have the added dimensions of depth and time.

The illusion of depth front to back is added by the use of wide-angle lens with a strong foreground motif. The dimension of time can be introduced by the use of a slow shutter speed to allows movement to be recorded.

I was deleting files off an external hard drive that was 99% full and came across these shots taken at an exhibition in London a few years ago.

I can’t remember exactly where the gallery was. Taken on the Canon G9 with a pre-determined 1/20th sec at 80 ISO. Even at 80 ISO the slowest it will go the G9 is noisy.

A comment about digital asset management – how you back up your files.

One of the cheapest parts of your computer is the plastic bearing on the fan that cools the processor. If that bearing fails the processor overheats very quickly and the computer dies. There can also be issues with the reliability hard drives as well.

I do not store any original picture files on my computer c: / drive, all my pictures are saved to a 1Tb external hard drive. The master external drive is backed up by two mirror copies of the master on separate 1Tb external drives. There is a saying in computing that says a drive has just failed or is about to fail!

Perhaps my setup is a little over the top to have two copies but hopefully it beats sods law.

Just as a foot note I use a free bit of software called Goodsync to do the backing up process.

A big hello to all new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

13 responses to In to the fourth dimension

  1. bjornsphoto says:

    You can never be to “over the top” regarding backup!
    I use one external HD as a “work-disc” and then I back this up on two other external HD’s so I always have three copies.
    The best should be to have one backup-disc on another location so there is one back-up left in case of fire…


  2. Mr Mole says:

    Good picture, love the movement. I don’t think you can ever, in realistic terms, go over the top with back up for photos. Drives are so cheap these days, I keep mine on two external drives, different makes. I plan to buy a third.
    The other thing that is important is file structure so you can find a picture.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Mike thanks for the comments, occassionaly I have to resort to key words to find things in amongst 25,000 pictures. 99% rubbish and memories of course. Andy


  3. Really enjoyed the article and my motto, back-up and back-up again. The low perspective on the image really causes you to pause a think about the content of the image


  4. Adrian says:

    I absoluteley agree with this Andy, computers are complex, they breakdown from time to time,Externals are less complicated and don´t generally breakdown, keep your gear on the external, because your computer is just a terminal!


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