Blue Trees and the highest potential

Some times I have a picture or two I like the basic concept of but can’t find the corresponding presentation. Sometimes it takes a while (years in this case) to find the highest potential for the picture.

I took this picture “Blue Tree New Brunswick 2009” on a rainy Monday morning in September. If you blow it up big enough you can see the streaks of rain in the darker areas.

I have printed it before but didn’t really feel that I had reached the highest potential for the picture. I tried it both as a straight colour and black and white but wasn’t satisfied.

Then I wondered what it would look like as a Lith print with Selenium and Gold toning. As previously stated on my blog in the darkroom Selenium is highly toxic and gold toners are very expensive so water based inks seem like a good idea all round. The Selenium toner affects the shadows to turn them a warm chocolate-brown and the Gold toner gives the cool duck egg blue.

A dear friend described me as a photographic romantic rebel – guilty as charged. The picture is meant to be ethereal and very subtle so hopefully that’s what you are seeing on your monitor.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

8 responses to Blue Trees and the highest potential

  1. Paula says:

    Today, in the northern hemisphere, our source of light is in perfect equilibrium: 12 hrs darkness…12 hrs light , so,upon reflection, I felt this photo to be in harmony with the conditions. The ethereal subtleties enhancing its appeal. Your photo has moved me and at the same time inspired me to go out , camera in hand in search of the right ‘light’. Thank you Andy.


  2. TarekOfCairo says:

    I just wake up and looked at my blog… You liked one my of my photos.. I peeked into your blog not expecting much .. But wow,… This is a happy start for a day .. Very romantic mood … Thank you for that .. I will keep peeking ..


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