News about the lucky man

Please view the picture at 100%.

“I read the news today oh boy about a lucky man who made the grade”. So the old Beatles song goes.

I was just interested in the juxtaposition of the backlit blonde guy with streaks in his hair reading the news paper and the black man in the shadowy corner of the frame reading a magazine.

As I have written before pictures need balance, dominance and tension in their “geometry” as Cartier-Bresson would say. He used the term where we might say composition or visual design. This picture relies on a virtual link between the foreground and background.

I have been re-reading “The Photographers Mind” by Michael Freeman that discusses at length the ways of linking foreground and background as an aid to visual balance. He then goes on to discuss the other elements of a picture that need to be balanced whether we do it at the camera stage or later such as spatial, tonal, depth, sharpness, colour and content.

It’s an interesting book but he tends to over analyse for my taste.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

5 responses to News about the lucky man

  1. Paula says:

    Although at first glance the image looks a bit of a jumble,
    upon closer inspection the photo starts to make a lot of sense and feels very intriguing to me
    Certainly very well seen.
    You seem to me so enterprising and original in your ideas about photography and as usual, I am full of admiration.


  2. andybeel says:

    Hi Paula thanks for the comment.

    Sometimes what works isn’t always very minimal, it takes an aware and visually eduacated person to see a complex picture. It’s said less is more, more can have different layers of meaning depending on who is looking at the picture.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Aaron balance is such a difficult thing to define when to start to add in all the parameters. Thanks for the kind words. Andy


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