Dartmoor Path

This picture “Dartmoor Path”  is a new venture for me as it uses five different software programmes.

Lightroom 3, Photoshop CS4, Silver Efex Pro 2, Perceptool Equalizer, and Perceptool 2. With this amount of software all adding Contrast it’s quite easy to get halos around everything so caution and restraint are required. Hopefully the result gives a feeling of depth and modelling in the lighting.

The colour image was exported from Lightroom in to Photoshop.

SFX2 was used with the high structure pre-set with contrast and brightness adjustments.

Perceptool Equalizer was used to alter global contrast and Perceptool 2 was used to add micro contrast.

Various curves and lightening and darkening were applied in Photoshop on adjustment Layers.

A small amount of sharpening was added in Lightroom in the Develop Module (Amount 10 (the Standard amount is 25), Radius 1.0), and sharpening for screen in the export as a JPG.

This picture was taken in March 2005 with a 8mp Canon 20D with a poor quality Canon 28-135mm lens. I remember it was snowing as I walked towards the Minions Cheese Ring.

Below is a straight out of the camera picture with no amendments. I only include this picture to show where I started and that my files out of the camera are no different to everybody elses.

As usual a big hello and welcome to all the new followers of my little blog, why not drop by and leave a comment?

(C) Andy Beel FRPS


15 responses to Dartmoor Path

  1. Paula says:

    Interesting to be able to see the original and the ‘finished’ product.
    It clearly demonstrates that: Knowing before you start what you want is crucial and you are able, with the software, to create the desired effect, which I like lots.


  2. Thanks for sharing this info Andy as I have found it very useful. I was wondering what do you think of silver efex pro as a tool as I currently use photoshop and Lightroom.


    • andybeel says:

      Hi no need to apologise it is a very good question. SFX 2 is a very powerful bit of software that is easy to over use with the presets that standout a mile once you know the effect it creates. The reason I bought SFX 2 was so that I could put in and control various types of film grain. Its very expensive and the training to use it fully is only by webinar. So unless you are prepared to invest time in the webinars the full potential will not be realised.

      I used Ps for years until Lightroom 3 came out. I have gone back to Ps to do Lith which is outside the scope of control required for split toning in Lr3.

      I also use SFX 2 through a smart filter layer in Ps to allows me to change my mind, which is not possible if you use SFX2 through Lr3 there is no history.

      Hope this helps



  3. John Smith says:

    Thanks Andy for your appreciation of some of my images. All comments are welcome but none more so than when they come from someone with your track record. Your image is striking. Two things: Using software effects is one thing. Using software effects with a creative vision is another …. you do that…. many do not. Thanks again.



    • andybeel says:

      Hi John thanks for your very kind words they are much appreciated.

      My creative vision since day one nearly thirty years ago has been to create and control contrast it’s as simple as that. Pushing buttons on a key board with no defined artistic intent is doomed to failure as you so rightly recognise.


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