Everything is easy?

I have a book that contains a section on digital Lith printing. Over a three page spread the author happily tells the reader with great joy that digital Lith printing is easy – seven times!. No names, no pack drill this author is well-known, I know him and we do meet occasionally.

I found the assurance that everything is easy, very annoying and frustrating. I have been trying get digital Lith right for a round four years so to be told at the start it is all easy was irritating to say the least. Hopefully I am getting there now?

In the book there is an example of a Selenium and Gold toned darkroom Lith print that gives beautifully soft duck egg blue highlights and gritty dark brown shadows. A good reason to do this effect digitally with water based pigmented inks is Selenium Toner is toxic and Gold Toner is very expensive.

This picture of an apple orchard somewhere near Montacute in Somerset (England) started out life as an f185 pinhole capture on my Infrared body at 3200 ISO. I was using a tripod so why did I use 3200 ISO?

I went through the usually Lith process in Photoshop and SFX Pro2 but toned the picture as stated rather than the more usual warm highlights and cool gritty shadows.

A big hello to all the new followers of my little blog.

(C) Andy Beel FRPS


4 responses to Everything is easy?

    • andybeel says:

      Hi Andy when you have a 50mm pinhole lens and a gate between you and the subject the options open to you become less. Thanks for commenting. Andy


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