Shelter Man in Worthing Recovers

Just to keep my Blog topical and up to date here is a snap taken last week in Worthing called Shelter Man – Worthing. This is IR capture processed in Silver Efex Pro 2 via Lightroom and Photoshop. The 1600 ASA Film grain and Gold toning was done in SXPro 2. Its called gold toning because darkroom gold toner turned prints a fugitive blue.

I unfortunately reformatted the CF card before importing this folder of pictures in to Lightroom which was not wise. The pictures were recovered as JPG’s not raw files with free software called Photo Recovery.


It’s a very slow process, the software will find about 6 nr 8mp files per hour, so I left it to do its stuff over night.

Tuesday 10th Jan I will be judging my first camera club Black & White Print and DPI competition at Devizes Camera Club. I have been selecting national exhibitions for a while but I have not offered to judge club competitions before.  So wish me luck.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

13 responses to Shelter Man in Worthing Recovers

  1. danitacahill says:

    I love this photo. Best of luck with your club judging, Andy. I joined a camera club a couple months ago, but due to conficts, tonight will be the first meeting I will attend. I’m very excited. We look at competition photos tonight ourselves.


  2. andybeel says:

    Hi Danitahill its great that your excited about joining a club. To get the best out it my advice is join in and take pictures. If you have a choice of clubs in your area may be think about which one has the best qualified speakers and least number of competititions in the year. Seeing other peoples good work may be more inspirational than just the ideas in one club. Andy


  3. Great image! I’m glad you were able to recover it.

    I’d like to try gold toning in the darkroom sometime; I just wish that gold toner was a bit less expensive 😦


    • andybeel says:

      Hi John, I didn’t say that I’d ever used Gold toner in my darkroom days only the effect it has on paper. Knowing and doing are different!

      Thanks for the kind words. Andy


  4. LensScaper says:

    Nice gritty feel to this – I’ve seen a few of these at Brighton. They always have dirty glass – they wouldn’t be the same with clean glass! The composition works really well.


  5. Mr Mole says:

    Interesting, just about to buy silver efex pro, Just got DXO film pac 3 which is interesting.
    All the best


  6. MariAnne says:

    Sorry to hear about the card but very glad you were able to recover the images. Would have been a shame to lose this one. Good luck with your judging, I don’t envy club comp judges.


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