The “Untitled” Monochrome Talk at Hailsham Photographic Society

Just a quick post to advertise my talk at Hailsham Photographic Society on Thursday 5th Jan 2012. So come along around 7.30pm. It’s a large lively club with lots of good people to learn from. Why not think about joining if you live near by? See their website

This snap was taken at Seaford Head in Sussex looking along the Seven Sisters.  A good day is when the lighting is changing, here the sun came out and illuminated just a part of the cliff. This picture was made by the lighting in the field and a little help from me to darken the surroundings to give it mood and atmosphere. There are three ways of brightening an area in a picture a) brightening b) darken around the area without brightening and c) brightening and darkening around.

All I had to do when taking the picture was a) be there, by being prepared for the long walk with a heavy camera rucksack b) know where to stand and where to point the camera  and c) when to press the button.

That’s the role of the photographer – to put their camera in front of visually interesting subjects and recognise the significant time to press the button. Being a photographer is as simple as that!

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

4 responses to The “Untitled” Monochrome Talk at Hailsham Photographic Society

  1. Mr Mole says:

    nice picture, I love this part of the coast, I try and go there often, with a camera, of course.


  2. JohnDeller says:

    And what a great night it was at Hailsham. Many fantastic prints from a photographer who knows his stuff ! Enthused, I went straight home and started to work on a couple of prints I have be preparing. Thanks Andy.


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