Evolve or die

Have you come across the saying “evolve or die” attributed to Madam Yevende?

What is your photographic strategy for 2012?

What are you going to try to do differently or better in the coming year to advance your photographic practice?

Who’s work inspires you ? (to inspire is to breathe life in to). Why not make a written list of people whose work you find interesting and would like to investigate further?

Here is my list of 10 to start with – www.susanburnsine.com, www.peterliepke.com, www.kosoff.com, www.robinbell.com, www.fabrizioq.com, www.gettyimagesgallery.com, www.magnumphotos.com, www.mirrorpix.com, www.sarahfoto.com

Home Made Bread the picture above was inspired by a guy called Jonathan Stead who does Pinhole Still life pictures. I have not tried this before so on my quest to try new avenues of photography I had a go.

Taken with a f185 pinhole adaptor Exposure 600s f185 100 ISO. Yes an 8 minute exposure taken in my kitchen facing due south on a dull cloudy and rainy lunchtime. I was certain to use 100 ISO to keep the digital noise to minimum so I could add 3200ASA film grain later in Silver Efex Pro.

Lith post production as usual in Lightroom 3 / Photoshop / Silver Efex Pro 2. As has been noted before I could have used Silver Efex Pro from Lightroom but would have lost any reversibility should I wish to change my mind.


6 responses to Evolve or die

  1. I will experiment more with black and white photography in 2012. When I look at the statistics of my blog and the comments, people seem to like my black and white pictures a lot better than the color ones.


    • andybeel says:

      Hallujah a convert to the true faith B&W of course!

      It might help to say that B&W photgraphy is about lighting, tone and contrast and nothing to do with colour! It might be stating the obvious but the penny hasn’t dropped for a lot of so called B&W photographers. Andy


  2. Mr Mole says:

    Good article, Thanks for the links. I love Robin Bell’s prints, His book silver footprint is a joy.


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