Street Snow Ball Fight – 6th February 2009

One of the wonders of the digital photography revolution – Metadata.

Metadata keeps a record of when a picture was taken amongst many other details. With a film negative active recording and archiving are required by the photographer. I have files full of un-dated Black and White Negatives.

Possibly one of my first Lensbaby shots. As its christmas I will let you see a colour picture of mine, a very rare specimen.

A merry christmas and a prosperous 2012 to all my long-suffering Blog followers, I hope you have found the experience useful and rewarding as I have. I started my Blog in July 2011 now around 175 people are emailed my ramblings – much to my surprise and encouragement. All artists live on the oxygen of praise and encouragement as I have said before.

So thanks for dropping by my little Blog and leaving a comment.

Don’t forget to visit my website it is updated regularly.

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