Positive steps in to work

Positive steps in to work?

What did Richard Avedon say “My camera is always accurate but not truthful.”

This guy is sheltering from the rain that does not feature much in this picture as it was taken with a Lensbaby with an IR converted body. If you open the picture his walking frame will be very evident.

Processed in Light 3 as a lith Print. I have printed this as a straight and Lith print (see below), I prefer the Lith version.

If you were wondering what an IR pictures looks like straight from the camera (see below) its this, very low in contrast.

IR tends to need to be over exposed in the camera by at leat one stop.

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that a photograph has to mimic reality (which Pianist am I quoting here?)

(c) Andy Beel FRPS


3 responses to Positive steps in to work

  1. rsmithing says:

    Very salient post and photos, Andy! And I do not mean this to be snarky, but allow me to state that positive steps for this gentleman appear to involve more work that most of us can appreciate — something your photos do a strong job of highlighting. Cheers!


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Richard, Yes he was a disabled guy sheltering from the rain and potential cuts in benefits! Thanks for commenting. Andy


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