Preserve us from the march of sanitized corporate blandness

In a few days time I am going to stay with friends in Sussex with a plan to go to Dungeness in Kent if the weather is right. Anything but sunny please, light rain would be great. It’s that type of place, grotty and run down. There are rumours that the area is being cleaned up so I want to take a few snaps before another photographers paradise is lost to the march sanitized corporate blandness. With any luck a second nuclear power station will be built there.

This IR shot was taken on the way to Dungeness the last time I went a few years ago.  It was taken at f16 ISO 3200 for the noise. The file was just sitting there on my external hard drive waiting to be selected and be worked on. I think what attracted me to the picture is the calm and peaceful farm in the foreground and the ineffective and expensive Wind Farm in the background.

Pinhole and Infrared, just a free idea that someone might like to play with.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS


6 responses to Preserve us from the march of sanitized corporate blandness

  1. athyfoto says:

    Couldn’t agree more about the effectiveness and cost of the eyesores they call wind farms. Thats not why I am commenting on this post though. I really like the image and the use of noise to add something to the feel of the scene works for me but I wonder what your thoughts are on the composition of the shot. Its something I struggle to understand sometimes. What my eye is doing when looking at this picture is following the lines in from the front to the buildings, then left to the turbines, then up to the cloud and then right to the post sticking up behind the buildings, so my eye moves around the picture which keeps me interested and looking. But for some reason that don’t understand my eye keeps being drawn to the (empty?) gap to the right of the buildings. It is probably just me but it is niggling me and I don’t really know why. Any thoughts you can share please?


    • andybeel says:

      Hi Frank I understand what you mean about the pull on theye of the RHS of the print. The version that got published on the web is not my original interpretation. I spent a long time on the post production of this file and after an hour or so got to the point where I was satisfied. Just before I published it I wondered what a general increase in global contrast would look like. I did it and thought that looked fine and published.

      To answer your query – all tones have weight and this dark textured area is pulling the eye more than is needed for the balance of the print. Idealy it should be lightened marginally.

      Andy Beel


  2. Thats a stunning photo there Andy.
    I’m pretty much addicted to the aul infra red photography myself.
    Although its not recommended when you go for a stroll in the park with the family, cries of “c’mon dad, hurry up will you” are usually all I hear from start fo finish. My wife once recommended I set up the camera on the tripod, press the shutter then have a game of football for 10 minutes, at which point I can return to the camera and hey presto, the shot is complete.
    Always enjoy your blog by the way.


  3. Paula says:

    This ‘sanitized’ , so called ‘restored’ landscape/building/ area..usually rips the soul out of it.

    One of my pet hates: to see restored to death all these wonderful ruins that someone suddenly does not want to lose and with good intention but complete lack of taste decides to ‘bring back to its former glory!’

    Shall look out for what you find this time round in an area I have never seen yet but plan to visit on my way to the Netherlands soon.


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