To Lith or not to Lith, that is the question….

Sorry Will, I always get stuck for titles and headlines. I will forego the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune thankyou very much.

I have just spent a happy hour making a blurry picture of Blackpool Tower. This print ticks a lot of boxes for me at least.

Just to run through briefly the techniques used. Camera converted to Infrared light capture only. Lens – Lensbaby single plastic lens, no aperture. 100 ISO.

Post production in Lightroom 3 Copy the file first so you keep the original safe, remove the small amount of Noise (I want Film Grain not Noise there is a huge difference).

Export to Photoshop. Copy the background layer and create it as a smart layer (So I can change my mind if I want to later).

Open Silver Efex Pro 2 on the smart layer – Add TMZ Film 3200 ISO Film grain to the midtones and shadows. Save.

(I could have opened Silver Efex Pro 2 in Lightroom 3 but it is non reversible with no history.  This means if I want to change my mind for anything done in Silver Efex Pro I have to start again, not very helpful).

Export back to Lightroom. Custom curves to give low contrast highlights and high contrast shadows, add split toning, darken the edges, lighten the building and clock tower on the RHS.

The version you are looking at was exported from Lightroom as a Jpeg file 800px on the long side at 72ppi. The 72 ppi is important as it speeds up downloading web pages from WordPress significantly. If everybody used this standard then life would be a little less tedious waiting pages to open :).

The print opposite is a straight non lith version of the same file for the purpose of demonstrating highlight and shadow contrast differences with a Lith print.

Thanks for dropping by my little blog all you nice people with great taste out there in the blogosphere.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

3 responses to To Lith or not to Lith, that is the question….

  1. athyfoto says:

    Nice work with a very pleasing result. I agree with you about 72 ppi since thats more or less all a computer screen can display anyway.


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