For the love of digital Lith Printing

Just a post of Warkworth Castle Northumberland UK with a lot of my favourite picture elements – Wide Angle lens (16mm), Infrared capture and Lith printing.

See previous posts to discover the magic of Lith prints.

Also see for darkroom lith printing at its best.

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(c) Andy Beel FRPS  

3 responses to For the love of digital Lith Printing

    • andybeel says:

      Hi Athy
      My pleasure, if you have seen Tim Rudmans site then you have probably found the site as well. I see that the book world of Lith printing has sold out. The book focused mainly on darkroom lith. Th examples of the how to digital lith were not that helpful I found. Still if you can get a copy its great to see what lith should look like.



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