Deep joy and Inkjet Printer Maintenance Tips

Isn’t life great when everything just works?

My deep joy comes from the fact that my A2 Epson Pro 3800 Printer is now working again.

Professional Inkjet Printers like the Epson Pro 3800 have a Maintenance Tank to collect all the waste ink. My problem was that the printer would not recognise that a Maintenance Tank was installed, and because of that would not print.

You didn’t think that all the ink that costs more per litre than rocket fuel actually gets on the paper did you? Just to change from Photo black to Matt Black according to Epson wastes 6.5ml of ink. Every time you turn any printer on it does a cleaning cycle by pumping ink through the heads to remove any dried on ink from the last printing session. This is expensive.

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You could cut ink costs by up to 75% by using a Continuous Inkflow System such as the Fotospeed Quill System or the Refillable Ink Cartridges depending on which Printer you have. See

If you have an A3 printer like the Epson R2400 the waste ink is collected in foam pads in the bottom of the printer. The printer counts the number of uses you have made. Then it guesses when the Pads are full and the printer stops working. The printer then tells you to take it to an authorised repairer for an expensive bill. The repairer will do one of two things – (a) Change the pads or (b) reset the counter, as the pads are not full and do not need changing.

You can reset the counter yourself with software from the link below. NOTE WELL – this work-around only works once. When the printer stops a second time the pads will have to be have changed.

More free top tips – if you have to go through the printer head cleaning process only do it a maximum of three times on any one day. Doing it any more than this out of  frustration will only make the problem worse.

If you have four or more heads blocked you could try using the built in Super Clean on Epson Printers. You will have to look for it in the Printer Driver setup as it is not automatically enabled.

If your printer has been left un-used for a while and is completely blocked you could try a product called – “Block Buster” Print Head Cleaner also available from Fotospeed.

The picture of back-lit Teasels is printed as a Platinum Print. Platinum prints do not generally have the same contrast range as a normal Gelatin print.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

4 responses to Deep joy and Inkjet Printer Maintenance Tips

    • andybeel says:

      Hi Chris – there is some connectedness with Fb and WordPress then, not sure if you will get the reply as I am answering this on my blog.

      The problem of the Maint Cart not being recognised is not new I see from the web. I even tried reading the manual! Eventually after four days of re-istalling the the Main cart and other ink Carts to no avail I noticed a black spring loaded lever next to the MK Cart on the LHS. I have no idea what it for but gave it a pull, went through the un-install & re-install with the Carts etc and hey presto it worked.
      I also think the printer knew that I had rung the local Epson repairs ten minutes before and it due trip in the car.

      Regards Andy


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