Electric Pictures

I have been re-visiting old negatives from around ten years ago. I took to electric pictures around 2001 wondering if digital would catch on. I still have my darkroom as somewhere for the washing machine to live.

This picture “Peaches for Sale” was taken in Ansuois in Provence, France on a hot and sunny day in July 2002. I love the lazy laid back attitude of the guy.

The 35mm TMX negative was scanned at 3200 dpi giving around a 16 x 10″ (42mb) file for printing at 240dpi. The picture you are looking at was Exported from Lightroom at 800px on the long side at 72 dpi this is a 497kb file (0.5mb).

All computer monitors have a screen resolution of 72dpi. It is important not to have an over large file for pictures in a post as they take ages to load. So 800px on the long side at 72dpi is a good place to start.

File size needs to be appropriate for the use of the file.

The Lightroom standard dpi for prints is 240dpi. A common rumour is that prints need to be printed at 300 dpi. This does not apply to Inkjet printing, 300 dpi is used by the Offset printing industry in half-tone printing.

Also the larger the print the dpi can be lower, I have printed A2 prints at 130dpi because the viewing distance is far greater.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS

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