Andy Beel FRPS The “Untitled” Monochrome Talk

I will be giving a brand new Black and White Photography talk called The “Untitled” Monochrome talk at Gloucester Camera Club on Tues Oct 4th 7.30pm.

See for the rest of the exciting programme of  Speakers.

The “Untitled” Monochrome Talk rounds up pictures from trips from the last three years around Great Britain and across the pond to New Brunswick.

The picture above is another of my wet light shots – taken in the rain, hopefully the eye is drawn to the man walking away from me on the diagonal.

Here I am playing around with a Lensbaby Composer with a single glass lens, wide open (no Aperture) on a Infra-red converted body on a wet Saturday in Blackpool UK.

The point of  Focus is experimental for two reasons (a) Infra-red light does not focus in the same plane as visible light and (b) a Lensbaby at f2 gives no depth of field and deciding where is sharp is open to be debate.

Processed as a Lith print in Lightroom 3.5 with custom curves and split toning.

(c) Andy Beel FRPS – All Rights Reserved

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