A Double Expresso Please

Ah a caffeine hit, my favourite is a coffee with a whisky chaser on the side, but at 11.00 am its a little early even for me.

Lith is becoming a bit of style for me. Other posts I have done a while ago explain the whys and wherefore of the process.

The lensbaby composer with a single glass lens wide open really helps with the glow on this print. Unusaly for me I decided to print this picture and then thought I would post on the Blog.

Has anybody had success with reasonable focus using a lensbaby and Infra-red film or digital? The problem I found was that I forgot that IR focusses in a different plan to visible light. Focus with a Lensbaby wide open is open to experiment at the best of times. Perhaps the makers of the Lensbaby can put a red dot on it somewhere!

(c) Andy Beel FRPS


4 responses to A Double Expresso Please

  1. Beautiful image – when you say “wide open” with the lensbaby, are you using it without an aperture disc ? (hope you don’t mind me asking !)


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