Ten photographic truths

(c) Andy Beel FRPS 2011 All Rights Reserved

Post a “Like this post” if five or more of these are true for you.

Here are ten photographic truths to help you to progress in your particular sphere of photography.



  1. More pixels and expensive technology equals the best image
  2. Sharp clear pictures tell the whole truth
  3. Photoshop has an automatic “fantastic photo” tool hidden in the Filters menu
  4. Photoshop automatically fixes poor seeing and lack of attention to detail at the taking stage
  5. Computers know everything
  6. Cameras know you’re inner most thoughts
  7. Instant impact in a picture is vital
  8. The use of the “Rule of Thirds” in composition is imperative to your development as a photographer
  9. Entering photo competitions will make you a better photographer
  10. Digital photography is cheap, quick and easy

There will be a follow up post later next week to very briefly discuss the points raised by these truths.

 Andy Beel FRPS




10 responses to Ten photographic truths

  1. awarewriter says:

    Good points Andy. I can’t click like because only one point is partially true and that’s #7. I’d rephrase that one as “images have instant impact” because that’s the way our brains work.

    Photographers make images, not computers, not editing software… But you already know that.


  2. betharr says:

    and observe the work of good photographers.
    you approach this subject with great mastery
    thank you


    • betharr says:

      “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera” (Dorothea Lange)


  3. Evelyn says:

    I don’t qualify to click the like button ~ but they are all common misconceptions! No.1 intrigued me ~ lots of people on Flickr have expensive cameras (I do Flickr) but don’t necessarily take very good photos with them….!! And if only No.10 were true……. my equipment wish list gets longer every week !!


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