Digital Photography – the how not to guide

(c) Andy Beel FRPS - All Rights Reserved A post to say I will be giving a photography talk at Bracknell Camera Club (UK) Thurs 15th Sept 8pm.

Digital Photography – the How Not To Guide – is an interactive digital monochrome print talk.  Everybody is telling us “how to” but didn’t it occur to them that deciding the “why” is necessary for better communication. This fun and informative lecture will explore some of the myths that are expounded such as “more camera pixels equals better picture quality”.

See the clubs website at

2 responses to Digital Photography – the how not to guide

  1. astrawally says:

    I would love to come along to that but it isn’t in my area, although if you were to post the talk I would definitely read. Good luck with it, I hope it goes well


  2. andybeel says:

    All went very well in Brackenell, an audience of 80 people, all in good humour who asked qustions all the way through. Lots of interest in my Monochrome Masterclasses and Workshops.


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