Inspired by Andreas Feininger

Lime Works (C) All Rights Reserved Andy Beel FRPS

Very occasionally you read something that sums up a thought, feeling or process that’s been extremely difficult to articulate but you know works for you.

I am currently re-reading “Classic Essays on Photography” edited by Professor Alan Trachtenberg published circa 1980. The book includes an article by Siegfried Kracauer  (February 8, 1889 – November 26, 1966) who was a GermanJewish writer, journalist, sociologist, cultural critic, and film theorist.

He is discussing the arguments for and against straight and expressionist photography when he quotes Andreas Feininger (27 December 1906 – 18 February 1999) who was a German American photographer, and writer on photographic technique, noted for his dynamic black-and-white scenes of Manhattan and studies of the structure of natural objects.

Feininger suggests that the “superfluous and disturbing details” should be suppressed for the sake of “artistic simplicity”; the goal of photography as an art medium he stipulates is “not the achievement of the highest possible “likeness” of the depicted subject, but the creation of an abstract work of art, featuring composition instead of documentation”.

This quote for me summed up one of my approaches to photography such as the use of the Lensbaby composer.

Other people working in Black & white with a Lensbaby are:

This shot of a disused Limeworks was taken with a Lensbaby composer with a single glass lens @f2.8 on a Infra-red converted body and post -processed a Lith print in Lghtroom 3.

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