I’ve done it wrong again mum.

I noticed that my blog pictures were mostly pink Lith type prints. So to balance things up a bit here is a noisy and not very sharp (purposely) picture. If there a way to do it wrong, I will find it.

Acutance (sharpness) isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be – why is the truth clearly described in photographs? I could go in to long screed about what makes photography unique – its ability to accurately define and display fine detail. This new visual trick gave the 19th century painters and writers a thing or two to think about. Was the chemical / mechanical process in a box called a camera producing art?

Most people use infra-red when the sun is out in the summer out to make green foliage go white. Not the most interesting of effects once you’ve seen it and done it for donkeys years.

I have not seen any moonlit Infra-red shots before – here is an example from Sussex in England. Was it the first or the last I took that afternoon and evening in that location – no. As I say in my talks, you can’t wear your pixels out so keep using them. A cheap small  memory card costs about the same as a B&W film – need I say more. One is a won hit wonder and the other a storage jar for your ideas and memories. You decide which is which.


3 responses to I’ve done it wrong again mum.

  1. thomas peck says:

    Really interesting shot. I would never have thought of IR at night. And this gives a unique view on a very popular shot. Nice one.


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