New Monochrome Masterclasses and Workshops

Andy Beel FRPS is proud to announce the launch of his new website

Andy Beel FRPS may be the only Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society offering Monochrome Photography Masterclasses in the UK.

Beel is able to help you make exhibition quality monochrome prints by offering a range of Monochrome Masterclasses, Workshops, Courses and Holidays to suit your individual learning needs in Black and White Photography. This well respected professional Photographer and Lecturer provides a wealth of up to date post-production knowledge working in Photoshop, Lightroom and Elements.

Andy is not at all secretive about his camerawork techniques or post-production methods and is happy to pass on hard won knowledge and skills to you as a workshop participant. Andy is willing to share his acknowledged artistic and technical knowledge with you.

Drop by and bookmark the site now for future reference.

An example of one of his photographic styles is shown here with this picture of Icelandic ponies taken with an Infra-red converted camera body and processed in Lightroom 3 to mimic the darkroom Lith process. This technique requires the highlights to be a warm tone of low contrast without grain and the shadows to be grainy with a cool tone and high contrast. This picture was made in Lightroom 3 with custom curves and the split toning controls.

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