Living with the Steel Works

I have been besotted with Eugene Smiths pictures of the United Steelworks in Phillidelphia (taken in 1955) since the first glance.

I was doing a trade show at the Lampeter Photography Convention and was passing the Port Talbot Steelworks in the late evening gloom on my way back. With a little local knowledge we found a good high view point was found that exclude wires and the motorway.

As this is Wales – land of reservoirs – it was raining hard when it took this shot!

11 responses to Living with the Steel Works

  1. Vernon T. says:

    Great Shot, Andy. I love how the smokestacks and the clouds lead your eye to the center of the image. The imagination fills in the noise, heat and grime that must exist down there. Thanks for sharing.


  2. betharr says:

    somniferous vision! (sorry for my vocabulary. I always in doubt).
    This image may represent the imagination of the great English writers of the past.
    The place is conducive to Celtic tales.
    would I be right? you can correct me if necessary.
    thx for sharing something valuable and special.


  3. andybeel says:

    Perhaps you might like to check what somniferous (a new word on me) means!

    This picture does have a feeling of Blake and those dark satanic mills about it I agree. I called it living with the Steelworks because of the close proximity of the houses in the bottom left hand side.


  4. yourmung says:

    Wow, first at all thanks for the great comment my friend and second, amazing work do you have, keep it coming please.


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