Photographers don’t age – they go out of focus!

Photographers don’t age – they go out of focus! – it’s an old saying but true as we all need a little help from technology now and again with things like auto focus camera bodies and IS lenses. Sharp focus has always been optional.

Back to my long running theme of suggestion is better than definition. This shot was taken on film over twenty years ago. I was thirty years younger back then.

I was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in the UK in 1990 for 18 Black And White Selenium split toned prints of Sarah my model. Hopefully, it is obvious that this is a predetermined photographic strategy and not a hit or miss button pressing excercise on a computer.

[Archive limi=32]

4 responses to Photographers don’t age – they go out of focus!

  1. snapitstitchitstickit: Sarah says:

    Agreed…suggestion is sometimes definitely better than definition…but that works the other way too, take away the whole picture and focus in on the datails of something, to give it new life. I really love this photo… i totally see why you did so well with it! Sar


  2. betharr says:

    also love the ‘Luca Lacchhe’ liked here.
    I’ll return to leanr more.


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