Domestica Project – Return of the native

Sorry nothing to do with Thomas Hardy.

How often do you find returning to a subject in this case years after Surreal Guitar #1 (posted a few days ago) brings a different approach even when the conditions are the same.

In my case it’s the same: Taylor acoustic Guitar, north lighting and 150mm f2.8 macro lens.

Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary does not happen by chance it’s an opportunity to engage the viewer.

Unless your thinking changes how will your pictures change or improve?

Your thinking changes by reading books, looking at web sites, going to photo exhibitions, being aware of what’s around you. We all need a sub-concious well of ideas that we subliminally recognise and reinterpret in our own way may be years later.

Skill in image manipulation is worth nothing if its not linked to expressive seeing. Seeing comes through the dedicated practice of observation and abstraction. Abstraction is the separation and selection of elements in a picture. Its just as important to decide what to leave out as leave in a picture composition.

So when you return to a subject you’ve done before, perhaps think about how you might express it differently from the previous shots. Challenge yourself to see if you can do it differently next time.

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