Domestica Project – Surreal Guitar #1

This shot is part of a long on-going project called “Domestica” to photograph things I have in my house.  I started the project around five years ago. Hundreds of photos have been taken in every room.

One of the benefits of this type of project is that it stretches my ability to see the things I see every day in a new and different way. As good photography is the strongest composition, anything that helps to make me try to observe more keenly and abstract the essence of my chosen subject matter is good for me.

I like the way the crop and lighting has excluded the ends of the instrament. The shot was deliberately defocussed to emphasis the shape. As a guitar player of very nearly 40 years standing I still find it’s the easiest and most difficult instrument to master. As is photography – anybody can take a picture, less of us can make pictures that gives the viewer a new or different understanding of the subject matter.

3 responses to Domestica Project – Surreal Guitar #1

  1. snapitstitchitstickit: Sarah says:

    Never mind! I should have read your blog BEfore answering your comment…I see you do still have a guitar indeed!! You’re dead right – Ive been playing about fifteen years and I swear I get nowhere with it…but it was SOOo easy to learn…go figure!


  2. Lovely guitar images (on this and later post). One of my students once said “focus is a bourgeois concept” – I keep repeating that to myself.


  3. Domestica is an inspiring idea! In the cold dark dead of winter in the Arctic, I, too, turn inside my home for inspiration. I usually look to things I create. I am inspired now to look around more closely and carefully. Thanks.


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