Bridge designers hopes, dreams and fears

This picture tells you about the second Severn bridge crossing designers imagination, of what could be constructed, his hopes, dreams and fears. It’s not a record of what was built.  A perfectly sharp picture with acres of depth of field gives sterile details, only telling you it’s a boring suspension bridge.

Do you find pictures more interesting to look at if there’s something you have to think about? Where you the viewer have to complete the jigsaw.

What is implied is of far more value than a pure record of descriptive reality. Take this picture of a suspension bridge, the all important suspension cables that hold up the centre span are not recorded.  How does the centre span support the six lanes of motorway?

The basis of this shot was a single glass Lensbaby lens at f 2.8, two stops over exposed, processed in Lightroom to give a split tone Lith print feel.

2 responses to Bridge designers hopes, dreams and fears

  1. lindayoga says:

    To be able to capture such beauty at this magic moment, is beyond description of my words. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work.


  2. I love this image, really find myself drawn to out of focus shots like this. There’s a certain sense of mystery that adds to the beauty.


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