Photographer hounded away

This shot was taken at a fair on Bristol Docks in 2009. All it is, is a fully clothed child sliding down an inflatable slide. After about fifeteen minutes of taking pictures of blurry shapes I was hounded away by two women who thought I was a pervert for taking pictures of other peoples children.

Terrorists and the media have won. The public thinks that anybody with a big camera is either a terroist or a pervet.  Terrovert is a new word I have invented to describe the perception of photographers by the media and hence the public.  It will take decades to return to the innocent photography of childern we all know and love. There is not room here to discuss the myriad of wonderful pictures taken of children in years gone by. Professional photographers such as myself are now percieved as peadophiles by the general public. This hysteria has been whipped up by the ignorant mass media machine. We are all worse off for the fear of recording children at play for future generation to enjoy.

I had this shot accepted in the London Salon of Photography this year, a great honour.

3 responses to Photographer hounded away

  1. aswirly says:

    Sigh… It is very sad. Children are such wonderful subjects, and better natural like this than in a studio. This is, of course, a fanatastic image.


  2. This is so true! Children are one of the best subjects for photography there is, and now (at least if you’re a middle-aged male like me) it’s just not safe to do 😦


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