Inspiration re-found – Bill Brandt, John Swannell & Terry O’Neil

 This photography good news comes as a result of an unsolicited sales call for Loft insulation.

I just happen to look in the loft, as place I hadn’t used for twenty years or so. I found a link back to my photographic style. I had bought books of the work of such greats as Bill Brandt, John Swannell, Angus McBain, Terence Donovan, Skrebeski and Terry O’Neil.

I have been a photographer since the early 1980’s and these book were purchased as I was starting out in Black and White photography. I had a good friend Eric Lumb sadly no longer with us who bought and sold books of this quality from his house in Kingstainton in Devon.

Although I do not do portraits these days as I did for the first ten years of my career, the same printing style has carried on all through the years. hence the landscapes printed recently from Iceland were influenced by Bill Brandt and Josef Hoflener.

So not all cold calls are irritating and useless, just 99.9%

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